Cosmic Bio.

Dispatches transmitted from beyond the known galaxy….

(“Dimension X” was an NBC radio program from the early 1950s, and the source of Krang as seen in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon show that ran from 1987 to 1996.)

My third (charmed?) foray into digital diary-keeping.

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I’ve recently begun my tenure as a staff writer for, and will archive articles and post new stuff here at my personal blog.


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22 11 2009
Paul Bedfrod

Just read with interest your review on Flinch. I was actually at the launch (which was held in Melbourne as opposed to Perth – I think because the majority of featured creators reside in the former). I’m glad you highlighted Withheld; I agree that it is the strongest work in the book. This is by a good friend of mine (Bobby Nenadovic; who released it as a self-published work at the same small indie con where I released the first volume of my work. His latest work (Digested 2) is easily my favourite Aussie release of the year.

I noted with interest your comments on the Aussie comic scene (we can’t really call it an industry yet, but we’re trying to get there. Ha!). On the whole, we tend not to produce superhero comics…in fact I think most of our works are directed at the adult market and most could be considered ‘alternative’, or at least not commercially motivated. If you would like to see/review the work of another aussie – that being myself – I would be more than happy to zip you over the first 2 volumes of my horror/thriller GN series, The List (volume 3 is out next march) as I would be very interested indeed to read your thoughts on it. If so, let me know and we can go from there. I have included my site address if you want to see what I’m on about.

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